missing the moon

I'm having a lazy day today. Maybe it's because it's that time of month. Maybe it's because I start work in 6 days and I know I won't be able to have days like this for a long time. Or maybe it's just because Bry looked really cute this morning and I'm bummed because he couldn't stay home and cuddle with me. 

 I've been seeing a lot of Honeymoon albums on Facebook lately. Congrats to all those who have gotten married, by the way. And because we didn't go on a vacation this summer, I've been reminiscing/drooling over our honeymoon pictures in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 

first meal right after we got in. tacos- yummm!

the resort

hubby's morning coffee. on our balcony. on our honeymoon. on his birthday.
he was a happy guy!

loving the sun on November 29. I'm pretty sure the weather in New England was about 30 and cloudy.

birthday dinner with the birthday boy.

who gets to celebrate their birthday on their honeymoon? someone lucky, obviously!

view from the hotel


our spot on the balcony. such a perk in staying at a smaller, newer hotel. 

dinner cruise to El Arco

sunset on the pacific.

Christmas decorations in the mall in Cabo.. The nativity scene on the beach with goldfish swimming in the fountain cracked me up!

sunset at our hotel

the marina. 

saw a seal swimming and wanted to jump in and save it from all the boats. 

on a boat ride

underwater taxi boat. 

we were like an old married couple. playing cards in paradise?


 so in love with this handsome guy

we thought it would be a great idea to bring champagne in a water bottle (plastic) down to the hot tub. didn't think about the cap blowing off and had a little scare

ready to parasail!

can you even see our boat?!

we definitely looked out for sharks and whales. didn't see any though.

happy hour. (B hates that I'm not looking at the camera.. whoops)

my sunglasses broke so we decided to play with them.


kisses on the roof

beautiful sunset on our last night.

honey, can we go back?!

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