500 thoughts at once

Well, at least thats what it feels like is going through my head right now... Here's a few:

  • We've spent about 40 hours working on the new apartment in the past 7 days. A work week's worth of effort.  This does include several helpers who we thank very much! (Frank, Char, Brad, Kels, and the pups who keep us laughing)
  • We  aren't even close to packed yet and are moving tomorrow and Saturday!
  • Saturday is Erin's Bachelorette Party in Boston! Which means I'm leaving B and some of his friends to do the heavy-lifting part. This is a very nice perk, but because I am a control-freak, I am somewhat wary of what its going to look like when I come back on Sunday.
  • Ooh, that reminds me.. I need a gift for the Bachelorette party. 
  • Working tomorrow for 5 hours while B packs... this poor guy is doing A-LOT of the work. I just texted him calling him SuperHubby!
  • Oh, did I mention my hubby goes back to work on Monday, which means I'm doing the unpacking/organizing. And since I know what we've packed this far... it's going to take a long time because we basically just threw things together in boxes. 
  • Figuring out the classroom schedule and trade books we'll use this year (and I technically haven't even gone back to school yet!)
  • Planning a date night with my man. We are in need of some quality time together.  Meaning we need time where we can just relax and not feel obligated to pack/unpack/paint/clean... I just need a little bit of this...

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