cheers cheers to 7 years

Seven years ago to the day, Bry and I started dating.

 It wasn't this grand gesture of him asking me in a special way. We'd liked each other for a while, but I was just out of a relationship and was somewhat set on being single for a little while. But on a Sunday night in October after going to Sanctuary, while sitting in the parking lot of McDonald's listening to Switchfoot's "Only Hope", I said, "I'm ready to be your girlfriend". Nothing too romantic, but it's part of our start, and here we are 7 years later, together forever. 

In honor of 7 years, I decided to dig up our 1st "Bry & Ali" mix CD. We had four or five over the years, but the first one was the best. Made by the best boyfriend in the world. 

As you can see, this mix is a little beat up. It went from my car to my room and back to my car again. Repeat about 50 times and then account for my speedy driving skills- ie, CDs sliding everywhere; this guy doesn't play that well anymore. Luckily I have it all backed up on my iPod. 

Here's the playlist...
Fabolous- "Breathe"
Kelly Clarkson- "Breakaway"
Yellowcard- "Only One"
Ryan Cabrera- "On The Way Down"
Switchfoot- "Only Hope"
Mandy Moore- "Only Hope"
Hilary Duff- "Fly"
John Mayer- "Daughters"
Oasis- "Wonderwall"
Usher ft. Alicia Keys- "My Boo"
Howie Day- "Collide"
Maroon 5- "She Will Be Loved"
Jimmy Eat World- "23"
      & 2 bonus tracks.

Some songs were popular in 2004, others were inside jokes. All are special to us. 

Happy Monday to all!
Happy 7 years to my man!

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