Well, this past weekend was like no other. We had something highly unusual for New England in October. A little something called Snowtober.

Yep, New England was hammered with a Nor'easter and left snow, trees, and power lines all over the ground. Snowtober made more of an impact than Hurricane Irene. All of the trees still have their leaves on. So add some wet, heavy snow and we're really in trouble.

front yard

The forecast {hahaha the meteorologist in me is talking now} predicted rain all day Saturday, changing over to snow late Saturday night. We didn't have much rain at all. It basically started snowing around 11am on Saturday. And snowed the rest of the evening. We ended up with about 5 inches of snow. I'm glad we didn't get 12 as they had predicted. So many trees and branches fell down that more people lost power this time around compared to Irene.

this branch was blocking almost the entire road


After running a few errands and taking some pictures early Saturday afternoon, we went home, lit candles, and played board games. It was fun. I am so glad that we didn't lose power.

I'm hoping we don't get anymore snow until December. I was just getting used to fall... Sheesh!

Stay warm!

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