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A con of teaching- getting sick easily from lots of kiddies germs. I use a ton of hand sanitizer, and try to keep things clean, but it always inevitably happens. One of my students was out sick today with a sore throat and a fever. Let's hope I can keep the fever away. And because I'm only in my second year of teaching, I haven't built up that "teacher's immune system" yet. They say that takes like 15 years, so I'm a long way off. Guess I'll have to get used to drinking a lot of tea with honey and emergen-C.

Also, this will be my rant of today {I try not to rant too much, but I need to get this out}. 

I went grocery shopping today as we had absolutely no food. When I was ready to leave, I went up to the check out line. There were two open, but I chose one and after 5 seconds, I completely regretted my decision. The checkout woman started leaning over and looking into the scanner and began wiping her eye. I soon realize she looked like she had pink eye- without all the crust {ew, sorry TMI}. Then she started scanning everything.  I watched everything she touched, which unfortunately was all my food, the bags, the receipt, and my keys. I was freaking out a little bit as pink eye is super contagious. When I got home, I disinfected my keys, my phone, and the makeup I bought- just to be safe. 

If I ever know of someone who has pink eye or the stomach bug, I stay very far away. I get super paranoid and get all worried that I'll catch it. 
{I might be a little bit of a germophobe}

Here's a little tidbit of advice... If you have pink eye- or any other contagious illness, get an antibiotic and stay home. Don't risk infecting everyone you come in contact with. And if you do have to work, say, because you really need the money, go wash your hands before you interact with others

{Apologies for a cranky sounding post. I don't do sick very well. I'm a big baby.} 

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