I'm not the best housewife. 
Okay. There. I said it. The worst is over. I think.

 I need to work on being a better housewife. And wait. Don't get me wrong... I'm not one of those believers in a woman completely losing her sense of self, career, and social life all for the sake of ironing bed sheets. First of all, I don't see the point in ironing bedsheets. {WHAT is the point?} Second of all, I believe a woman is typically the more nurturing of a couple. Therefore, I will take it upon myself to make our home a place where we want to be always- More of a place we want to return to over and over. 

One of my goals for this year is to be a better wife. Go here to read more. In short, my husband is quite the neat freak {sorry, babe, but you are}. And I'm so lucky in the fact that he is willing to cook and clean frequently. But this sometimes makes me feel like I don't have to do as much. And while I can be a little lazy, I need to be better. I need to try more. I need to do it for Bry. I know he deserves it. 

I've compiled a little list of things I can do better, or more of. And my thinking is maybe if I put this goal/list on my blog- it becomes more real, more of a to-do, more of something that I need to be held accountable to. So here goes:

Keep up with the dishes. Guys. This is the thing I hate the most. Like literally. I would avoid dishes all the time if I could.

Keep up with the laundry. Sometimes the laundry piles up, but I am much better with the laundry than I am with the dishes. 

Pick my clothes up. I don't know about anyone else, but I change probably four times a day. And I'm not always thinking about folding them and putting them away right away. I usually just throw them on the floor and pick them up about three days later. Do the math, that's quite a pile of clothes on the floor. 

Keep the place organized. I tend to leave things around, and Bry is guilty of this one too! But I need to straighten up more frequently.


Clean the floors weekly. Dude. Our floors can get gross. And I'm not even sure how. Good thing I love  using our vacuum. It's probably my favorite electronic appliance. 

There you have it. Here's to becoming a better housewife. And here's to making our home somewhere we want to return to over and over. 

Oh... right, gotta go wash the dishes now...


  1. haha, I should clean our floors more often too! I think it's mostly my hair that keeps it all nasty. Every since I had my Evelyn my hair sheds like a dog!

  2. i LOVE this. i hate doing the dishes too and i am nowhere near a good housewife. boo. maybe i should steal your resolution, haha! thanks for sharing this :)


  3. @Kendra- the floors always tell me when I need to clean... dirty floors=dirty home

    @Kels- wanna just come over and clean for me? i know you love it like your brother :)

    @Lori i loathe the dishes! and grocery shopping... ahhh!



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