i'm related to a bunch of polar bears

See these crazies... right here?

Bry, Kelsey, Brad and Jacki participated in the Coney Island Polar Bear Swim on New Years Day. They asked if I wanted to join- I thought No way! You could not pay me to get into that water. Turns out the water was about 40 degrees and the air was only maybe 50 degrees.

It was quite the interesting experience. There were many drunken people dressed up in awkward outfits and running around in bikinis. I'll spare your eyes from the freakish people who were still drunk. You can thank me later.

Instead, I've posted two videos, so you can understand the chaos. This seems to be similar to a scene from Jaws and or Titanic- you decide.

{Ps- Sorry the video is really shaky. I was trying to watch it all happen and videotape at the same time. Tricky, tricky stuff there}

Here's those bears after their dip.. you can't really tell its winter, right?

and just this one because my hubs is so fine

After everyone was dry and, well, not warm, we walked on over to Nathan's for lunch. It was delicious.

What a way to spend New Years Day... with a buncha polar bears :)

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