diy factory cart coffee table!

we finished our table! la la la! i am so excited to have this new little addition to our living room.

this is the old ikea coffee table...equipped with unstable legs and a bowing lower level that we used for too much storage. 
that guy is now gone {and please excuse the cluttered room}. we've now replaced it with the factory cart coffee table {view here on pinterest}

ta da! it's done!

here's the scoop...
i found the idea for this table on pinterest. from there, i researched the two projects i found on making this table. here's the two sources we used: ana white's version and shanty2chic's version. we followed closer to shanty2chic's plans. 

here's a few pictures of the process:
we bought wood in the sizes necessary and cut the wood to the measured amounts

 note: when i say "we", i basically mean bry. i was the organizer/encourager/assistant of this project... however, i only did about 25% of it, while he did most of the work...

 i did spray paint the wheels though! :)

after the first coat of stain

almost ready for the wheels

also, the assistant in me does things like this

attaching the wheels! yippee it's in our apartment!

it's here it's here! and it's much smaller than our other table! the only thing i'm wishing we had was a little storage space


table top

and there you have it! we love our new coffee table. we're kinda proud that we built it ourselves. however, upon previous thinking, we did not save much money by doing it ourselves. we spent around $160 on all materials. we also put in probably 10 hours of work. but i think it was well worth it :)

if you have any questions or specifics, let me know!

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