over the last 19 years, we've become the best of friends

i've talked about my bestest friend, jenni-rae, often on this little blog. she's the mom of gabe, my little nephew who i'm always raving about. jenn and i have shared so many moments together. most stages of our lives have been shared with one another... except the diaper stage. we met in kindergarten and have been friends ever since. bry and i love spending time with the ventling family.

well.. jenn, brandon, and gabriel are moving to alabama in two weeks. God is leading them there. while i am not a fan of this situation, i am so proud of them for following God's plan for their lives. and while it will literally crush me to say goodbye to my bestest friend, her hubby, and my sweet little nephew, i am already looking forward to her frequent visits back home. i also love that it'll only be for 2 years.

jenn has started a blog to write about her life. her writings are inspiring and much deeper than mrs. elementary school teacher over here. plus she's extra crafty and has big plans to post many of her fabulous crafts! go check out a rae of hope. you won't regret it.


  1. I'm excited to go check her blog out :)
    You teach elementary school?!


  2. @jessica- yes, i teach 3rd grade at a small private school :)

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  4. I absolutley adore your glasses!

    Best friends make the world go 'round.

    P.S. I think your blog title is brilliant:)



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