feb photo a day

since i got my iphone back in october, instagram has been my favorite app. i found this little photo-a-day challenge and decided to play along. 

day 1: your view today {studying with sald}
day 2: words {on our wall}
day 3: hands

day 4: a stranger {in the subway}
day 5: 10 am {whoops, i forgot and took 10pm instead}
day 6: dinner {it was crappy}

day 7: button
day 8: sun {except it was really cloudy}
day 9: front door

day 10: self-portrait
day 11: makes you happy {snuggles with that guy every night}
day 12: inside your closet

day 13: blue
day 14: heart
day 15: phone

day 16: something new {knitting my first blanket}
day 17: time
day 18: drink

day 19: something you hate to do {i'm an anti-dishwasher}
day 20: handwriting
day 21: fave photo of yourself {engagement photo}

day 22: where you work {my classroom}
day 23: shoes {no shoes, just socks}
day 24: inside your bathroom cabinet

day 25: green
day 26: night {becoming nighttime}
day 27: something you ate {taco salad, if you can't tell what that is}

day 28: money {all the money saved by drinking water for the next 40 days}
day 29: something you're listening to {love that song}

love my instagram. if you're a lucky iphone user, follow me- @alilynnjohnston :)

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