100 degrees in the city

This past Friday, Gemma and I decided to head into the city to meet Bryan at his work and visit all of his L'oreal coworkers. I actually love New York in the summer so we were all excited to meet Bry, even with the continual heatwave. It was forecast to be about 100 degrees, but we decided we were going to head in and and just figure something out. Wing it, essentially. Because even with an 8 month old.. sometimes you can wing it and things actually do work out.

Gemma and I took the train in and met Bry at work. We visited with his coworkers and then decided it was time to get some lunch. Over to Bill's Burger Bar in Rockefeller Center. Walking around afterwards, we got pretty hot... really fast. Plus, our sweet little angel would not nap. And to be quite honest, I don't blame her. Who can fall asleep in 100+ degrees?

After walking up 5th Ave a little bit, we found this little oasis. Inside the Trump Tower lobby {which is open to the public}, there's this little glass terrace, I suppose? Where it looks like you are outdoors, but the AC was flowing from the building. We were in heaven. I ended up feeding Gemma her bottle and then putting her in her stroller just to walk back and forth against this boring black wall to get her to nap. A baby going 5+ hours without a nap in that heat will drive a mama a little crazy. But we made it. 

^Come on, Gemma! Nap already!!!

After Gemma's little nap, we walked to FAO Schwartz to meet up with Brad, Jacki and Luella. We walked around the beautifully air-conditioned store for over an hour! We took the girls to the Big Piano and they were in awe of the music and the lights! So fun! Luckily, Gemma's not at the age where she can ask for anything yet, so we left without buying anything. I'm sure we will make up for it with her upcoming 1st birthday :)


We always, always wait til last minute to figure out what we want to eat, and this night was no exception. Since we were somewhat close, we went on over to Serendipity for dinner. It definitely past both babies bedtime, but we were making the best of it! Of course, the girls were fussy, but I finally got Gemma to sleep on my shoulder before our food came. 

^Peanut butter Frrrozen Hot Chocolate... ummm, please!

Relaxation and tiredness set in and I was ready to be home. Gemma woke up as we were walking to the train station and was up for the entire train ride home, but we had such a fun day in the city despite the heat and a little stinker who wouldn't sleep! 

Also, I did not witness this in person, but Bryan was mistaken for Liam Hemsworth, once again. A group of teenage girls were walking behind Bryan and Brad. Bryan overheard the girls talking about good ol' Liam Hemsworth. All of a sudden, Bry saw a girl subtly walk up next to him and snap a pic on her phone. Of course, Bry had to look over and smirk, because... who could not do that? Guy definitely got a little boost in his ego after that! Be on the lookout for tabloids stating Liam Hemsworth has a baby, or something of the sort ;)

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