mama's girl

This girl. My sweet, silly Gemma girl. Right now, she's a mama's girl. To the core. Gemma loves her Daddy like no other, but right now, she's a mama's girl. Especially right in the thick of teething. And while it can sometimes be tough to be her everything... I'm secretly a little happy that she wants and needs me so much. Makes me feel like I'm doing something right, makes me feel like I'm a good mama. And I'm going to cherish every moment of her being a mama's girl. Right now, I'm soaking it in while I can. I love this girl with all my heart.

*And when she looks up at me and kisses me while I'm holding her.. My heart explodes a little bit. 

And let it be said, I really love her dad too. I'm so blessed to have these two in my life!
*all photos from June

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