ten things on tuesday

  1. This girl is just the sweetest... but I've probably already said this before. And I won't lie... it will be said again. :)
  2. Bry and I are watching LOST again, for the third time together. Last time around, we'd watch 3 or 4 episodes a night, now we're lucky if we get 2 in, but at least we're watching it again! I can feel us gearing up to watch Friday Night Lights from the beginning too. Ahhh, Tim Riggins...
  3. I have been living on cereal for breakfast and lunch lately. Best meal for this unbeatable heat in my opinion.
  4. Gemma is quite the little character these days. She cries really hard when we take toys away,  she's started to be more open to eating solids, and she has [sort of] started babbling. Saying things like "HEEEE" and "YAAA"! I love seeing her personality! She's the perfect little quirky blend of Bry and I.
  5. By the way... solid foods produce, ummm, unpredictable diapers? Yikes... every diaper change is a mystery and getting more interesting as little Miss G won't sit/lay still.
  6. I'm not sure why, but I'm always drawn to knit in the summer. You'd think that'd be more of a winter hobby.. and I love knitting in the winter, but I seem to pick up knitting more in the summer! I'm working on a blanket for Gemma. Simple one stitch pattern over and over, but the yarn is really soft and I'm thinking of sewing a heart into the bottom corner. My goal is to be done by the end of July, but I'm only about half way done now and I've been "working" on it since, I'd say, January?
  7. Speaking of working, I've recently started a home-based business with Arbonne- a company that offers botanically-based skin care, beauty, and health and wellness products. I didn't think this was for me, but I'm learning this is a great gig to have being a full time mom. This is something I can build in my own home in my own time. I'm so excited to see where this business will take me!
  8. I cannot understand how I'm already starting to plan Gemma's first birthday party. I can't handle the fact that my baby is almost 9 months old! Time needs to stop. now.
  9. Have I mentioned how much I love Bry? [I know I've stated this before too ;)]. He's such a hard worker for our family and I am forever grateful to him for all that he does!
  10. I'm loving summer! And I'm definitely in the mood to take little weekend excursions everywhere. We took a short weekend trip to RI this past weekend and I swear I could go away every weekend for the rest of the summer! Even with Gemma waking up at 3 am each night and not sleeping well, we had a blast! Good thing we are planning to go away at least 2 more weekends. Summers are the best! 
And a few summer photos just to show you how much we all love this time of the year :)
^Poor thing won't keep sunglasses or a hat on for the life of her, but could probably use both! She was most likely squealing with delight too though...

^Not a huge fan of cold water yet, but we're working on it :)

^Selfies outside.. what else?

^Beach lovers

^My heart skips a beat over these two. For reals.

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