photos that didn't make instagram

I've been going through photos of Gemma in iPhoto, and I feel like there are several plenty that need to be shown and addressed.. so I've decided to share some of them on the blog.  Plus, who wants to wants to be overgramming all the time?

I'm sure there's going to be a bit of gushing on my end... Love this tiny little baby that is not so tiny anymore! 

Photos from months 1 & 2 of Gemma's life!
^ Just days old here.. Oh my heart.. how I want to snuggle this little newborn!

^Little ham lovin life in the Boppy

^This is my favorite part of having a newborn... the snuggles and sleepy cuddles!

^Mom.. wake up!

^1 month.. look at those little leggies! Eeeee!

^Do you think Gemma has enough stuffed animals?! Holy cow!

^Not sure what this face is, but it sure is cute!

^Possibly a little cross-eyed here?

^I wish this picture did her little toesies justice... No words can describe how teeny they were!

^I have about 1,000 photos of Gemma sleeping curled up to me!

^Bonnie meeting Gemma

^Cousins Gemma and Luella meeting for the first time!

^Gemma's first time in the city!

^Ohhh my this cutie little snuggly pink Gemma bear!

^Mean mug!

^They are just so cute sleeping next to each other!

^Her little smirk kills me!

More photos that didn't make instagram to come again soon! xo

**Also, this was about the time where Gemma was struggling to gain weight and was having a tough time with feeding. So I know she's very skinny minnie in many of these photos, and it was rough patch for us all, so I ask that you please be sensitive when commenting on this post or on individual photos. Thanks! 

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