I stumbled across this "currently" post on Sometimes Sweet.. so I'm copycat-ing over here :)

Reading: Everyday A Friday by Joel Osteen. Only 30 pages in so far, but I'm loving the perspective!

Eating: Lately, I have been craving Chicken Pot Pie. Such a great fall meal. I made one last Friday night at about 10pm... Bry and I ate 2/3 of it, and then I ate the rest the next morning. So yummy! I alternated between two recipes so that probably had something to do with it being so tasty. Someone should warn Bry that I might make another one tomorrow!

Thinking about: Gemma's first birthday... I cannot fathom how it has almost been an entire year since I gave birth to my baby. Time flies. I feel like I blinked and she's almost walking. How can this be? On another note.. her birthday party details need a bit of attending to. I need to get on with the plans and decorations and food because October is literally slipping through our fingers.

Listening to: I've been stepping away from music a bit, so I'm mostly listening to Gemma babble and focusing more on whatever I'm doing! She's getting so funny these days with her reactions to things!

Enjoying: Gemma's age and interactions at this point in her life. She is getting so personable. She clearly has likes and dislikes and will make both known to us. She is such a little gem and everyday I am reminded of how blessed I am to be her mama!

Watching: I love when all the TV seasons start again! Despite canceling our cable, I still can catch up on all my TV shows that I love via Hulu+.. Grey's Anatomy, Parenthood, New Girl, and Modern Family... and Bry and I have been talking for forever about completing our Friends DVD set and watching the series start to finish... so we bought the rest of the seasons on Amazon and do that on a night when we aren't watching a new episode of something! Total couch potatoes over here! {with active family outings on the weekends, of course}

Loving: Fall! My favorite season! Sweater weather! Pumpkins! Cozy drinks from Starbucks {can you tell I'm not a coffee drinker?}! Leaves! Leggings! Boots! Seriously, it's quite the hype in our house!

I'm sure this won't be the end of my obsessive love of fall discussions. Happy fall to all! :)

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