photos that didn't make instagram

Time for another round of photos that didn't get posted on Instagram! I've totally become one of those moms that probably posts way too many pictures of my kid. But I truly can't help myself. Gemma's very photogenic and is just a pip most of the time! So here's another batch that didn't make Instagram.. from way back in the winter! Get ready for Gemma-overload :)


^singing Mommy and Daddy to sleep one night

^so so little

^she learned to pose young I suppose

^her favorite place to me.. with Mama

^snuggling with her doggy!

^I mean.. what a little pumpkin!

^Auntie Kelsey brought over some candy and I had fun playing with it with Gemma! 

^just waking up?

^guys, guys, I'm not awake yet.. just chill!

^still waking up over here...

^okay, so one time, I took a really cute picture of Gems and put it on Instagram, but what I did not post was this picture of her- right after I dropped the phone on her head... Gemma's reaction gave me enough guilt to still feel bad about it months later #badmommove

^half of my photos from my phone are blurry because one of us is always moving... memories nonetheless :)

^snuggles with Fleurbunny

^valentine's cutie!

Another "photos that didn't make instagram" will surely happen again! 

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