October! When did October get here??? Life has been crazy lately! I know I've been saying over and over {and probably sound like a broken record} that I want to be regularly blogging. But "blogging regularly" seems to be 1-2 times a month. When I said that, I meant like at least 1-2 times a week if not more.

A little update on my life lately to fill you in.. and then a few thoughts...

+ Gemma's crawling now. Like really crawling. And she can get from point A to point B in about 10 seconds {it all depends on what she's after}. This makes for getting things done easily and frequently interrupted.

+ I started a babysitting job every day after school for three boys. They are crazy and energetic and lots of fun, and I don't usually take Gemma but the days after 2pm typically go like this...I drop her off with either my mom or mother in law, pick up the kids from school, sometimes bring one of the boys to soccer, start homework, play leggos, monitor bike riding, and wash the dishes, then go back and pick up Gemma, get her home, pick up Bry from the train, give Gemma a bath, and put her to bed. Phewww, by this time, I'm usually ready to fall into bed. But I try to take time to eat dinner, shower, and spend some time with Bry.

+ Added on top of my day of hanging with my favorite little sidekick and babysitting and juggling daily tasks is my Arbonne business. I joined in June and I am loving what I do. What isn't fun about sharing products you already love with people? I can't wait to see where this business takes me! All I know is I'm off and going places already!

All that said... I've been thinking about my life and how I want to live it. I will be 100% honest and open and say sometimes I have a tendency to dwell on the negative. And complaining can get the best of me. And I would go as far to say that this is a habit, a bad habit.. That I want broken immediately. I'm not saying that I won't ever have a bad day or a bad mood {though I wish}, however, I believe that attitude is everything. So I am doing my best to shift my focus on the positive. All I can do is control what I do, not what happens with anyone or anything else. So here's to focusing on the good today and here on out. {And hopefully writing this and letting other people know will hold me a bit more accountable to keep this shift towards positivity!}

Shifting focus, routines, attitudes... just with the turn of season! It's exhausting, but in a good way! Hope you all are having a lovely first day of October!

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  1. I am soo with you on the regularly blogging thing! Ive just committed to getting back into it. Love the blog by the way. Its good to be back :)



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