sunday night ramblings


well well. another long hiatus from yours truly. big surprise there. we've got alot that's been going on in our lives, but here this goes again!

we are loving this weather. it has been good for the soul! i was so close to almost shredding my winter coat. thankful that we are almost out of the woods and fully into spring!

ooh and we've moved! we are in a new apartment, not far from our old one, but holy cow.. moving while pregnant is not recommended. overwhelmed, over-exhausted, over it all. glad to be in a new place! and i will say, my husband is the best when it comes to getting things done! he took off a few days from work, and i think we are only down to handful of boxes left to unpack! so glad to have him!

i am addicted to pretty little liars. thank God for netflix. (although the 48 hour wait during the move while we didn't have internet/cable was brutal).. anyone else out there sharing in this crazy obsession?

the other day, i was sitting on the couch while gemma was napping. and i should mention we are now on the 2nd floor and the huge window is right next to the couch. so i casually look into the tree outside and notice there's a squirrel in the tree (no big deal, right?). although this particular squirrel happened to be eating a piece of pizza! i kid you not, i just sat here staring and taking pictures of this guy. because... how many times do you see a squirrel in a tree eating a piece of pizza?!

happy sunday, everyone! hope this week goes amazingly well for you!

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